The First Jubilation

In Which We Discuss *Why We're Here*, Not Cosmically, But You and Me Together

It’s the first post of my new newsletter…my newsletter. I shall name it Newton, and it shall be mine. Hang on, I have a hankering for Fig Newtons, I’ll be back….

Okay, I’m back. Munch munch munch

Ever since I started writing seriously in 2014, I always wanted to do a blog. I’d get all amped about sharing my capital F Feelings or thoughts about what have you, and I could never keep up with it. It always fell flat, becoming just another stress that ended up being sporadic posts about THINGS and that was that.

But here’s what I like about Substack. *You* get to subscribe when it feels right, and you’ll get a lovely little email when I post something new(ton). It’ll be like a virtual hug from me to you where we can chat about stuff instead of a glaring absence on my website that is like, “Jason June hasn’t posted in ages. WTF?” Expect a post or two a month. Maybe more. Maybe less. Remember, this is just about getting surprising little virtual hugs to boost us both up from time to time, not to be this suffocating pressure between us. At any time you have permission to be Kate Winslet circa Rose saying, “I’ll never let go, Jack” immediately before actually letting go. No pressure. We’re both here because we want to be.

What can you expect in each newsletter? Whatever is making me jubilant in that moment in time.

What does it mean to be jubilant? Instead of giving you a dictionary definition, I want to give you the examples gives for the word because they are cracking me up:

“The cheers of the jubilant victors” - Here we are starting nostalgic and innocent. Maybe you’re picturing a scene from Friday Night Lights.

“The jubilant climax of his symphony” - I think we can all agree that jubilant climax is neither nostalgic or innocent, and it’s also a phrase none of us are using enough.

Jubilant. Pumped. Psyched. Stoked. Jazzed. I do a lot of jazz hands in life, so expect each of these little notes being delivered with me wiggling my fingers and saying, “Tada!”

So this newsletter will be me sharing the things I’m doing, the books I’m reading, the manuscripts I’m writing that are making me feel jubilant (and occasionally a “crying in the bathtub eating cashew milk ice cream because all of a sudden real ice cream doesn’t sit with me anymore” look into the rollercoaster dips of despair I sunk into before heading into jubilation because we all know what a whiplash-inducing back and forth the writing game can be).

In this premiere look into jubilation, what’s making me jubilant? You. Me. Us. Here. Together.


Jason June